we LOVE it here!
Cabo San Lucas Mexico (where we go to DEFROST…)

Jessica-Marie Ashe Born April 14 2000
December 2000: Jessica in her Christmas Best!

Jessica-Ready for Church
Winter 2002: Jessica Ready for Church!

My son Christian his first time skiing!
March 1999: Christian at Canada Olympic Park (4 year old ski maniac!)

My son Christian with his cousin JJ
July 1999: My son Christian & his cousin JJ (from Australia)
“The Calgary Stampede/Power Ranger Dudes!”

Taken on Christmas Day 2003
Christian & Jessica-December 2003

The RE/MAX Family Centre at Spruce Meadows
RE/MAX Family Centre at Spruce Meadows

The RE/MAX kids tent
The RE/MAX Kids Tent at Spruce Meadows

Sold By Jim Ashe
Another home sold by Jim Ashe
My Wife at Fitness Show
My Wife Wendy at The Canadian Fitness Show

Banff to Calgary Road Race MAY 1, 1999


1.Julie Heidt 2.Rachel Poolman 3. Simon James
4.Martin Carter 5. Randy Edgerton 6.John Klassen 7. Ake Vebo
8.Wendy Ashe 9.Chris Elmquist 10. Jim Ashe 11.Sue Horna

My Wife Wendy at a run in Calgary
My wife Wendy at Run

My Wife Wendy again at the run in Calgary
Part of the team!
From L to R: Wendy Ashe, Chris Elmquist, Julie Heidt (our leader), and Simon James